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Custom Made Handrails – Indianapolis

Circle City Metalworks designs, fabricates, paints and installs custom made handrails for the Indianapolis area.

Hello Indianapolis!  Are you looking to have a custom handrail installed?   You have found the right company!  We have expert designers, welders and installers here that love to stay busy and keep pricing as competitive as possible.  We do commercial, residential, interior and exterior.  We work with builders and developers but we also work with homeowners, landlords, business owners and non-profit organizations.  

Handrails are vital safety features that are required by code and usually need to be custom made to fit the landscape of your property or business.  It is essential that they are built within the confines of the law and installed properly for maximum structural integrity.  Unlike a lot of other companies, Circle City Metalworks will visit your property in person to take measurements and start the design work.  Many stair cases, balconies and porches have slight imperfections like a sloping surface or uneven steps.  Its critical to understand and design with these imperfections in mind so the installation is flush with walls and stairs and level with the floor.   Below you can see a photo of handrail fabricated and installed by Circle City Metalworks. 

If you are interested in getting a quote for a custom handrail please just click here and fill out the contact us form and we will get back with you ASAP.