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Stab Slice Kill Metal Sign


Custom metal Stab Slice Kill sign wall hanging.
For those who are not the Live Laugh Love type.
This sign is must have for horror enthusiasts.
Featuring the tools of the trade for the most
iconic slasher movie villains ever;
Michael Myers’ butcher knife,
Jason’s machete, Freddy’s glove and the
chainsaw of Leatherface.

Must have for fans of Friday the 13th, Halloween,
Nightmare on Elm Street and of course
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Fabricated from 14g steel and measures 36″ x 8″.
Comes with pre-drilled holes
for easy wall mounting.

Choose your finish
Finish options are:
Raw Steel (with Clear Coat)

As always if you would like this personalize or customize this piece
please feel free to contact us.

***Please Note***
The Raw Steel color option is a high gloss clear coat over RAW MATERIAL. All scratches, flaws, sanding and grind marks WILL BE PRESENT AND WILL BE SEEN. There is a “front and back” to the material and the majority of the grinding and scarring is on the “back” of the piece. We offer this as finish option because it compliments the rustic hand made aesthetic that Circle City Metalworks has come to be known for. If you are looking for an item with a nice smooth finish, please choose to have it painted rather than clear coated.

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 38 × 19 × 3 in


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