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7 Gift Ideas – That will CRUSH

For Your Crush.

With Valentines day coming up we thought we would make things easy on everyone 😉 Here you go! 7 Easy gift ideas that will CRUSH – for your Crush! A custom-made, metal gift is more than just a present; it’s a cherished keepsake that captures good memories and strong emotions. Each one of these products below are handmade in Indianapolis, and can be customized with different colors, sizes, and designs. Just get in touch!

  1. Customized Address Sign – Everyone needs one, and well.. How thoughtful! Choose from dozens of different designs to add a personalized touch to your special someone’s home. They will notice it every day coming and going! Also consider an anniversary sign with a custom date!
  2. Bookends – Ideal for a partner who loves reading, these sturdy bookends come in various designs, like ravens or spider webs, adding a unique touch to any bookshelf.
  3. Abstract Trivet Hotplate – This artistic and functional piece is perfect gift for anyone who enjoys cooking or entertaining. This hotplate will protect your counter tops and tables and looks amazing!
  4. Yard and Garden Art – Does your spouse have a green thumb? Choose from various metal sculptures and signs to beautify the garden!
  5. Candle Holders – Perfect for creating a cozy, romantic atmosphere for date night. These candle holders can add an intimate touch to a relaxing night in.
  6. Bottle Opener and Wood Beer Sign – Ideal for the craft beer drinker! This functional and decorative piece is a great addition to a home bar. This sign says “Beer” but it can be customized for any four letter word 😉
  7. Sculpture – Choose from a variety of metal sculptures that can serve as conversation starters and add an artistic flair to your home. Dont forget that a sculpture can also be functional as well, like this Tree of Life – jewelry stand.