Central Air Anti-Theft Protective Cage

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Protect your asset!  All steel construction on (existing) concrete pad.  Hand welded right here in Indianapolis IN.  Comes with a lock and hinges to access AC unit and make repairs.  This AC cage fits the standard size central air unit.  The dimensions are 35.5 inches wide and deep and 36 inches tall.  There are different sizes of AC units so prices can very if its not the standard size AC.  Please note that there must be a 38 inch by 38 inch (or bigger) concrete pad to hold the AC cage.  For those that are local to Indianapolis, this product is installed on site.  For those that need shipping please contact us as shipping cost may vary.

1 review for Central Air Anti-Theft Protective Cage

  1. ryan mullin

    We use Circle City Metalworks to put cages on all of our Air Conditioner units. We also use them to weld our custom hand rails on our bigger flips.
    -Ryan Mullin

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